You’ve come this far. Perhaps you’ll finish the job by getting in touch in order to find out more.

contact resolved counsellingSome people tell me that contacting a therapist on behalf of their son or daughter makes them feel like a failure as a parent.

Nothing is further from the truth. Admitting that you cant help them is a sure sign of strength. After all, you probably wouldn’t choose to be their surgeon. You leave the teaching of academic subjects to their teachers in the main.  

Psychotherapy and counselling is no different. It takes a degree of distance to be a person’s therapist. I don’t give therapy to my own children, friends or family, despite my training and experience.

There are some jobs we simply can’t do, not even for those we love the most.

So, please don’t feel badly. Contacting me is a sign of strength and is the first step towards your child resolving whatever it is which bothers them. It could be the first step to a happier family, towards a happier you, too.

Contacting me via email:

contact resolved counsellingContacting me via email is an excellent way of beginning the process since it allows you to provide me with a good degree of detail. If you choose to contact me via this method then let me know something about the following:

a) Your child’s first name and age.

b) The problem as you see it.

c) Home circumstances such as who lives with them, recent events such as divorce, separation or bereavement.

d) Preferred days and times for our first session.

e) Prior experiences of counselling or psychotherapy.

Don’t worry about missing anything out. We will have an opportunity to discuss things further when we first meet in person. I’ll ask any questions I feel necessary and you can tell me anything you think I need to know.

Contacting me via telephone

If you choose to contact me via telephone then the best number to use is 07786 123736. You could also try me on 01183 280284 or 01865 600970.

If I can’t answer then leave me a message and I’ll do my best to reply to you within a few working hours. In your message please be sure to leave me your first name, your ‘phone number (some people will forget that their numbers come up as ‘private’ or ‘unknown)’ and a very brief description of your child (age, gender) and their presenting issues.

Contacting me via text message

Contact me via text message (07786 123736) if you choose. This will generally be the prelude to a fuller conversation on the ‘phone.

Contacting me via Whatsapp

This would seem to be an increasingly common way of getting in touch with me Use 07786 123736 if you choose this method. Please be aware, however, that I’m not a fluent two-thumbs texter and so will not be able to have  fully in-depth conversation via this method. However, as a means of an initial introduction it’s just fine. From there we will probably move onto a telephone conversation.

Contacting me via contact form

There’s a form right at the bottom of this page. Fill it out and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.