Resolved! Counselling for Children in Oxford. Let’s have your child smiling again!

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read through my site. I’m sorry you have to do so, for it means that you have a child who isn’t quite as happy as they could be. I hope you’ll find that this site gives you hope things that could improve, for you as a family and for your son or daughter as an individual.

I am a fully qualified psychotherapist for adults and a counsellor for children and adolescents. I have spent many years working with young people of eleven years and older, being trained more recently to work with those of under ten years of age. Whatever the problem may be, the chances are that I have helped somebody in Oxford to resolve it, once and for all.

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‘His approach was kind and caring and he used Mindfulness techniques of meditation which have been really effective – especially as he recorded these sessions and emailed them to me so that I could listen at home. I feel so much better! He was brilliant.’ – Google review.

Your child could be the next person to kiss their problems goodbye!

I have helped children of primary school age to overcome issues such as separation anxiety, sleep disorders, shyness, anxiety, perfectionism, school refusal, enuresis, encopresis, anger issues, ASD related problems, grief and much more besides.

I have worked with children and teenagers of secondary age to overcome all of the issues listed above, in addition to depression, OCD, weight-loss, driving test nerves, performance anxiety, sports performance, conversion disorder, exam anxiety and a great deal more. As a teacher for twenty years I loved helping young people to achieve their academic potential. I have now moved into the realm of helping them to be their best possible selves in a more holistic sense. I love what I do and truly love working with children and teenagers.

So, please do have a read of my website and form your own view as to whether I might be the right person to work with your son or daughter. Please feel free to contact me for more information

If your son or daughter is keen to make some changes to their life then please do get in touch. I’ll be glad to talk with you.

‘He has a remarkable way of unraveling what is deep within and adjusting the way you look at things. He is a very understanding and calming person to be around and I think the word needs to be spread how fantastic he is! Thanks so much for everything Paul.’ – Google Review

‘Fantastic’ might be a little strong. Still, I’m here to help.

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Some months ago a little girl ran up to me (once out of her parent’s car) and screamed at the top of her voice: “Paul, Paul, I’m not scared of  X anymore!” I can’t tell you what ‘X’ was, for fear of breaking confidentiality. I can’t even tell you, for certain and for the same reasons, whether it was a girl, but I can tell you how proud I felt in that moment. That child had overcome her fears and had achieved her goal.

There are few things more wonderful than the grin of a young child who feels, at that moment, proud of what they have achieved. I was proud of this child, she was proud and so were her parents. It was a lovely moment and it’s why I trained so hard in order to be able to work with children of that age.

I’m fully insured, DBS checked and am supervised on a regular basis in order to ensure that my child and adolescent clients receive the best possible therapeutic care. If your child is ready to make changes happen then I am here to help them do just that.

I’m also here to help them to achieve their goals in a reasonable time frame. As an adult psychotherapist I largely worked to a brief therapy model, working to achieve the best results in the quickest possible time. Sometimes it didn’t work out that way and that was fine, since I am also trained in delivering longer-term therapy. Sometimes the best results take time and sometimes clients simply need to be heard, to be listened to, before they can move on. Everybody processes things at their own speed.

Sometimes people need more than space and understanding

It’s my view that some models of child psychotherapy can be too permissive and work as if with an arm tied behind their backs. Yes, the child client may come to their goal after two years – all by themselves – but if I know of an intervention which could help , more quickly, then that’s what I’ll offer. Families and children who come to see me need to see change and they need it as quickly as is reasonably possible. That doesn’t have to mean being slapdash or dictatorial. It simply means being willing to teach a client as well as to simply be with them.

I have worked with a great many adolescents and teenagers in Oxford and elsewhere, helping them to harness their strengths, forgive their failures, overcome their fears and defeat self-doubt. I’m now doing the same with children of ten years and below.

I’ve been trained to use all manner of interventions to help children to become more rounded, versatile, resilient and happier individuals. Sometimes that will involve play therapy. Sometimes it will involve working together in sand. It might entail music, games, art, mindfulness, hypnosis or even simply the simple art of talking things through. I have learned to integrate my adult therapies of mindfulness, hypnosis and psychotherapy together with my newer approaches more appropriate for children of younger ages.

Working together we shall create a therapeutic approach which suits your particular child. That’s the great thing about integration, it means never having to be tethered to one particular theory or approach.

Your child is awesome. Child Psychotherapy and counselling in Oxford could help them to know it.

resolved counselling for childrenMy child clients have everything they need. They are everything they need to be. .

My job is to help my clients to see themselves more clearly and to teach them to use their strengths in such a way as to move them close to their goals.

Too much of psychotherapy’s history has been taken up in analysing and drawing attention to neuroses, weaknesses, defence mechanisms and so forth. My clients are already good at seeing what they imagine to be ‘wrong’ with them. It’s why you’re bringing them to see me.

I teach my clients to have more faith in themselves, to believe that they can achieve and to see what is actually right with them.

Step by step, I help my clients to become their own therapists, able to regulate and feel more in control of their own emotional states. This way then end being in charge of their own feelings and so can hope never to have to see a therapist again.

If that sounds a little like the help you’re seeking then get in touch and we’ll discuss how I might be able to help.

Simply contact me and we’ll arrange a time

counselling for childrenIf you live in or around Oxford, Oxfordshire and would like to hear more of how I might be able to help your son or daughter then please simply get in touch. We can discuss what you’d like to happen and whether my particular approach to therapy could be of help.

You could call me on 07786123736 / 01865600970 or email me on Alternatively you could use the contact form at the foot of this page.

‘Paul helped me come to terms with what was a very difficult in my life. I met him at a very low point and left him almost as high as kite!! Haha. Seriously though he is incisive personable and very professional in his approach. And a lovely man to boot.’ – Google Review

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