Not all therapy can be done face to face. Therapy online is often an acceptable alternative.

At the time of writing this page we are at the start of the great corona virus emergency. People are being told to stay at home and avoid social contact. Client after client is arranging to see me online, rather than face to face, for they know what I’ve known for years: online therapy can be just as effective – when used skilfully – as is the more traditional face to face experience.

I offer effective psychotherapy to clients in Oxford and Reading both face to face and via remote means of working together. Televisual platforms such as zoom and vsee offer a whole new way of working and my experience is that they are as effective as working in a room together.

Over my career I have worked with adults, tweens and adolescents from France, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, The United States (non citizens only), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Australia and far more countries besides. 

How does it work?

counselling for childrenWell, we arrange a time and date just as with any other face to face client. I then send you this link: You download the free and easily installed application onto a laptop or smartphone. You run a test call in order to ensure that your microphone and camera are working properly. You’re then set up from your end.

I add you as a contact and then call you at the appointed hour. The session then proceeds as per normal.

Payment is either made by bank transfer for British citizens or via paypal for overseas clients. I shall ask you to pay me on the day of the session. I’ll send you all the necessary details in good time.

If your child or teenager is too far from my bases in Oxford and Reading but still wants to resolve their issues then help is available online. Whether it’s school refusal, OCD, performance anxiety, depression, asperger’s related problems, sports performance, generalised anxiety, emetophobia and a whole lot more besides, I’ve worked with it online. I’ll be more than glad to help your child too.

What you don’t use skype?

No, I’m afraid not. Skype isn’t considered suitably confidential by UKCP, my regulatory body. Vsee is one of the most heavily used televisual applications in the world of telemedicine. It’s free, confidential and works perfectly well.

Is online therapy good for all clients?

The youngest client I’ve worked with online was nine years of age. She was perfectly able to sit for the appointed time, focus on our conversation and follow instructions. You are the best judge of whether your child is old and motivated enough to do the same. It’s my experience that shorter sessions may be necessary for the youngest of online clients and that these sessions (necessarily being devoid of the play, sand, painting and other elements¬† commonly used with the younger clients) are best suited to those of 11 years of age and upwards.

Get in touch and we’ll arrange a time to begin!

Your son or daughter deserves the very best start to life. Whatever’s holding them back can be resolved and if you’ve decided that I’m the best person to help them to do just that then please contact me to take the next steps. You could call me on 07786123736 / 01865600970 / 01183280284, email me on or message me using the contact form at the foot of this page. However you contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.