Bullying is remorselessly destructive. We could work together to help your child become free of its damaging effects

Bullying is unremittingly grim. I have seen so many young people whose spirits have been crushed by the actions of one or more people at school. I have seen plenty of older people in their sixties and beyond who still carry the scars of having been bullies in their school years.

If you have a son or daughter, who lives in or around Oxford or Reading and who wishes to be free of the consequences of bullying then perhaps now is the time to act. Your son or daughter could learn to find new ways of dealing with it or they can carry it around with them for years to come.

I have used counselling and psychotherapy to help a great many people in Oxford and Reading to be free of bullying and its consequences. I will go on to help a great many more, for it’s such a huge problem. Perhaps your son or daughter will be one of them.

I also offer counselling and psychotherapy for bullying related online, using vsee, whatsapp, zoom. Please get in touch for details.

Bullying is what your child says it is. If it hurts, it’s doing damage.

bullying hypnotherapy

The Lord of the Flies is a story which concerns a group of schoolboys who find themselves shipwrecked on a desert island. Over time the majority of the boys become savages and turn on one another in some kind of pack mentality.

At the end of the story Ralph is the only civilised boy left. He runs for his very life and finally falls out of the jungle, rolling onto the sand of the beach and coming to a stop at the feet of a sailor, freshly arrived upon the island

He begs the sailor to save him and breathlessly explains what has happened. The sailor laughs and dismisses his experiences as being the “fun and games” of boys.

Adults often fail to appreciate quite how badly bullying affects a child.

Bullying does not toughen people up, at least it won’t so so in a healthy way. It’s not a means of building ‘character’. Bullying is nothing but destructive and if your child has been a victim then perhaps he or she could use a little help in overcoming its effects. I’m here to help the children of Reading and Oxford, as I have been for years now. It’s never too late to begin work on undoing the damage.

Around twenty children kill themselves each year due to bullying. Children who have been bullied grow up to be far more at risk of anxiety disorders, depression, suicidal ideation and self-harm. Adults who have been bullied as children grow up with a far greater chance of becoming mentally ill, substance abusers, under-achievers and so forth, unless they find a way to survive and overcome their experiences.

Resolved! Counselling for Children could help your child to leave the effects of bullying behind them

Children and teenagers aren’t always keen to come to parents or teachers with complaints of bullying. They have an innate sense of the need to keep that which happens between themselves and their peers a secret.

Besides, the shame at having been picked out as a victim will leave them unwilling to ‘confess’ to what they’re going through. 

Parents can also fall into the trap of attempting to minimise what they do glean from their children, loathe to admit that their son or daughter isn’t as socially successful as they’d like them to be.

Perhaps they feel a little shame that they haven’t been as effective as they’d like to have been in bringing up their child as the sort of confident person who never could be bullied. 

By the time a bullied child comes to me for help there’s a lot of shame going around. I help my clients to see that the shame isn’t theirs.

I help them to build up a sense of themselves as being decent people who have been mistreated. I help them to leave that sense of shame behind and to become proud of themselves.

Get in touch when it’s time to help your child to let go of the effects of bullying.

How can Resolved! Counselling for Children help?

I work in helping bullied children to overcome depression and anxiety disorders. This might involve helping them to beat social anxiety, insomnia, enuresis, school refusal and more. I have experience of working with all of these.

I help my clients to build a healthier sense of self, a confidence in themselves which means that they are far less likely to become targeted in the future. I help them to leave their past behind them and to establish a healthier way of looking at themselves which could last a lifetime.

If you live in or around Reading or Oxford and have a child in need of help then please do consider getting in touch. I’d he happy to help. You could call me on 01865 600970 / 01183 280284 or 07786 123736. You could also email me at paul@resolvedcounsellingforchildren.com or contact me using the form in the footer of this page.




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