Cibophobia? You don’t need to live with it anymore. Hypnotherapy could help you.

 Hello there. If your child is having a hard time with food then I’m sorry. I do understand the effect it can have upon the family, their own self-esteem and their ability to enjoy socialising with their friends.

counselling cibophobiaMy own daughter was such a picky eater when younger and so I have first hand experience of how tough a problem it can be.

I have used counselling, hypnosis and mindfulness with the fear of food (cibophobia) in Oxford, Reading, London, Wallingford and Thame. I also offer counselling and psychotherapy for cibophobia online, using vsee, whatsapp, zoom. Please get in touch for details.

I’ve helped people of all ages to leave this phobia behind. If your child wishes to change then they can. 

Let me state that again: if your child wishes to change…

I’m afraid that your son or daughter will have to recognise that their approach to food isn’t helping them.

They will have to recognise that it prevents them from feeling fully a part of things in birthday parties and suchlike. They really do need to see the need for change. If they don’t then the time for change is not yet here.

What causes cibophobia?

First of all I should say that there can be some medical causes. Sometimes children avoid foods to which they have an intolerance. Somehow they know what will do them harm.

fussy eating therapyMy own child has crohns disease. She was a fussy eater, even before we knew of her illness. It so turned out that the foods she avoided were those which were later to be triggers for her disease. Somehow they know. So, my advice would be first to explore any potential medical route.

Children eat pretty much anything when they first venture beyond milk. However, at around the age of 18 months to two years of age they suddenly retreat to a safer range of foods.

Scientists have theorised that it is at this age that children become more mobile and independent. With a lack of experience and increased mobility comes a risk of self-poisoning. Berries and other substances could pose a danger to a freely exploring child and so, the theory has it, they begin to refuse all but the safest of foods.

Sometimes a fit of choking or an illness during this phase of development can cause the fear of eating strange foods to become more permanent.

You needn’t let your child’s life continue to suffer

counselling for childrenI’ve known plenty of clients whose mothers describe their culinarily adventurous children being reduced to hesitant and fussy eaters after an incident of choking or illness.

After all, the unconscious mind seeks only to protect us. If it becomes terrified by a fit of choking or illness then it will cause a withdrawal from danger.

The problem, however, is that once it becomes fixed it is incredibly hard to displace. Social events become more difficult. Invitations become fewer and farther between as other mothers begin to despair at how difficult it is to cater for the fussy eater.

Family days out become increasingly difficult. It is all worsened by the fear that the child’s health is at risk. 

Don’t let it get to that point when help is at hand.

If you’d like to learn more then simply get in touch

If you live in or near Reading, Oxford, London, Wallingford or Thame then be assured that help is at hand. Phobias of all kinds respond very well to a skilfully constructed blend of mindfulness, counselling, hypnotherapy and other forms of play, art and craft therapies. Others have been helped and your child can be helped too.

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