Well-employed psychotherapy and counselling can help put an end to bed-wetting / enuresis. Resolved! Counselling for Children understands how.

Little boys desperate to go on their annual scout camp but fretting about their use of safety pants, little girls desperate to join in with sleep-overs at their friend’s house: I’ve worked with them all. It’s such a pity to see so many young lives blighted by this common problem. I’ve worked with boys and girls suffering from enuresis in both Reading and Oxford. If your little person is suffering from the same issue then I’ll be glad to help them too.

I also offer counselling and psychotherapy for enuresis / bedwetting online, using vsee, whatsapp, zoom. Please get in touch for details.

Enuresis is far more common a problem than you might think

It’s very easy for you to feel alone with having a child who continues to experience this problem. Enuresis isn’t a popular topic of conversation at the school gate. The children concerned, as well as their parents, can feel a sense of shame and guilt. Nonetheless, it’s a problem which is surprisingly common in young people.

As this document explains, one in 50 children at 9 1/2 years of age is still experiencing enuresis three or more times per week. One in ten still wets the bed one or two times per week. Once the medical causes of this enduring problem are investigated and discounted it can be difficult to know where to turn.

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Continent during the day? It can be the same at night, too!

The vast majority of children are perfectly able to remain continent during the day. It’s only at night that these problems of enuresis occur. 

When we are awake we have the conscious mind which is able to keep an eye on things. Children learn to notice the urge to urinate in good time and make time for that urge to be satisfied before it’s too late.

At night, however, that conscious mind isn’t operational and the part of the brain which deals with continence isn’t as vigilant. This is particularly the case because those who suffer from enuresis tend to be the very deepest of sleepers. 

When they are deeply asleep it’s as if nobody is keeping watch and urination takes place without anybody sounding the alarm and waking the child in time to go to the loo.

It gets worse, perhaps, if the child is anxious about this problem or, indeed, is anxious about any other area of life. Anxiety and bed-wetting can quite quickly establish a self-perpetuating dynamic.

Traditional approaches are not the answer.

Many parents resort to safety pants, alarm systems, mattress protectors and other such approaches in order to save the child from embarrassment, protect bedding and so render the problem more easily manageable. Unfortunately, however, these measures simply perpetuate the problem through reducing the incentive to resolve them and also by ignoring any psychological stress-related element.

The brain is awake as we sleep!

I remember when we first removed the cot-sides from the beds of our toddler daughters. I can recall, with both of them, sitting downstairs and hearing the thuds as they rolled out of bed. Then came the screams and the tears. Then came the learning.

The fascinating thing is that they only did it once. Their brains learned quickly from that moment of terror as they awoke whilst falling a foot onto the floors of their bedrooms. The brain can learn, even when it’s asleep. 

Your child’s mind can learn its way out of enuresis too, even if they are the very deepest of sleepers.

Communication between brain and bladder can be improved

Change always begins hesitantly. Dry nights gradually increase in frequency until they join up. Eventually the wet ones become the minority and disappear altogether. If you follow the program then your son or daughter has every chance of success.

I use a blend of traditional child and adolescent counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches, together with mindful and hypnotherapeutic techniques from my initial training. It’s a really good mix and I have many former young clients who are now enjoying their lives free from that problem which first brought them to see me.

I have worked with children from Reading, Oxford and surrounding areas. If your child is fed up of wetting the bed and wishes to change then I could – possible medical causes having been discounted – be the last therapist they’ll ever have to see.

You and your child don’t have to put up with this any longer. It commonly takes a relatively small number of sessions and so why allow them to continue for any more time? Help is at hand and I’m here. Call me on 07786 123736 or email me at paul@resolvedcounsellingforchildren.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


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