Resolved! Counselling for Children could help your child to overcome Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Many people who suffer from anxiety do so in certain situations. Those with social anxiety, for example, generally feel fine when home or with trusted friends or family. Those afraid of travelling feel themselves to be OK when leaving home is a dim and distant prospect.

For those with GAD, or generalised anxiety disorder, however, life isn’t so simple. Anxiety is an ever-present and ever-lasting experience and can assume all forms: social anxiety, performance anxiety, travel anxiety, separation anxiety and more besides.

I have worked with both adults and children who suffered from generalised anxiety disorder. I have helped people in Reading and Oxford to overcome the anxiety which held them back from enjoying their lives. They now live happy and fulfilling lives.

If you live in or near Reading or Oxford then perhaps I could help your child or teenager too. I also offer counselling and psychotherapy for anxiety online, using vsee, whatsapp, zoom. Please get in touch for details.

No respite. No holiday. No end in sight. Therapy for generalised anxiety disorder could set your son or daughter free!

anxiety in childrenChildren and teenagers who suffer from generalised anxiety disorder will frequently attempt to hide their feelings. They will learn to block them – to a certain extent – trying to pretend that they’re simply not there.

If your child or teenager has been attempting this then you’ll know, because the result of suppressed anxiety is more often than not the onset of panic attacks. Depression is also a frequent companion.

If your son or daughter has found themselves in this position then I’m sorry. It’s a truly horrible experience. Don’t lose heart, however. Others have left it behind them. Your son or daughter could do so too.

Please don’t feel  feel as if your child simply has to learn to live with it. They don’t have to allow their life to continue shrinking away as they attempt to find a safe place in which to hide from anxiety. It doesn’t work in any case. Anxiety will never release its grip unless the victim learns to face it and deal with it head on.

I could teach your child to do this in a structured, gentle and manageable fashion. I could help them to manage their emotions more effectively, build ore self-confidence and step out of their prison. Give me a call and we’ll discuss how Resolved! Counselling for Children could help your son or daughter to enjoy their life again.

What are the origins of Generalised Anxiety Disorder?


anxiety in teenagersThe amygdala is that part of the brain which deals with threats. In times of stress it sparks into life and helps us to manage the danger – whether that danger is real or imagined.

Anxiety is our natural state from time to time. Generalised anxiety disorder is where the amygdala in on constant high alert, where adrenaline is flowing on a permanent or near-permanent basis and where there’s no discernible cause. 

Sometimes this is a result of one terribly traumatic experience. Sometimes a period of high intensity stress will have the result of welding the anxiety switch permanently into the ‘on’ position. Bullying at school, an actual or feared bereavement, chronic or acute illness or a parental separation can all sometimes result in the development of generalised anxiety disorder.

Genetics also, perhaps, have their part to play. Perhaps it can also be a learned behaviour if a mother or father suffers from the same – or a similar – condition.

Whatever the cause may be, sensitive and proven methods of therapy are on hand to help your child or teenager to roll back anxiety until it is overcome and consigned to history. Get in touch with me and we can discuss how I might be able to help.

Resolved! Counselling for Children could get to the bottom of it and free your son or daughter from their anxiety disorder, once and for all!


If you live in or around Reading, Oxford, Wallingford or Thame and would like to learn to learn more about my methods when working with generalised anxiety disorder then please do get in touch. You could call me on 01865 600970 /01183 280284 or 07786 123736. Alternatively, email me at or use the contact form at the foot of this page. 

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