If your child or teen is having problems sleeping then help is at hand.

Children, teenagers and adults are no different when it comes to sleep. Stress and anxiety can affect them as profoundly as they affect us. Indeed, children and teenagers often have greater reasons to be stressed and anxious than we do. They, after all, have very little control over their lives. They haven’t yet proven themselves of being capable of building long-term relationships with partners, earning a living or building a home. 

Children and adolescents have so much time ahead of them, more than we do, and yet they have less evidence to believe that their lives will go well. Moreover, social relationships are more unstable than our own, they are being tested and judged daily and they spend so much more time nervously comparing themselves to their peers. 

It’s all so stressful and this is why I often work with children and teenagers in Oxford and Reading who experience difficulty sleeping. I also offer counselling and psychotherapy for insomnia online, using vsee, whatsapp, zoom. Please get in touch for details.

Life isn’t easy for young people. More evidence emerges every year that mental health in the young is more precarious than ever before. Can it, therefore, be any surprise that their sleep is suffering? Insomnia feeds upon stress!

Here’s the good news…

children sleep counsellingThe good news is that I have helped many children and teenagers in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford and Thame to resolve their problems with sleep. 

Traditional forms of child and adolescent counselling and psychotherapy can be employed to help them to work upon and resolve the stresses and anxieties which lie beneath their problems with sleep.

Furthermore, however, I am also qualified in the use of hypnotherapeutic approaches to stress and anxiety management as well as knowing how to train people to take themselves into the state of sleep. These work just as well with my younger clients as they do with children.

If you’d like your child to learn to sleep soundly again, get in touch with me and we can discuss how I could help you. Please don’t fret. Things can be better. Let us work together in order to ensure that they do.

Children and teenagers, in particular, won’t always tell their parents of what is wrong.

My twenty years of teaching taught me to build a positive relationship with the young. I have learned to use this ability in order to encourage teenagers, tweens and children to confide in me, to confide secrets which they have often told nobody else at all. 

Learning these secrets and reversing their damaging effects upon the self-esteem of the young person can prove to be the key to letting them sleep once more, in peace.

Sometimes the solution can be so very easy

hypnotherapy and child insomnia

When I first began as a therapist a lady called me and asked if I could help her son.

He refused to sleep in his own bed. He hardly had any sleep at all. His lack of sleep was affecting his work at school, his happiness and his self-esteem.

When I met him I first talked with him and his mother. The answer to this mystery refused to reveal itself. Neither he or his mother could explain what had led to the problem arising.

When his mother left the room the truth of the matter soon emerged.

The boy’s guitar had cast a shadow upon the wall. This shadow looked for all the world as if a monster, complete with teeth and menace.

It didn’t take long for that monster to be turned, in the boy’s imagination, into a friendly dinosaur who could become his friend and nocturnal companion. He learned to talk to this dinosaur, to laugh and joke with him. Sleep, from this point on, was unproblematic.

(details have been changed so as to preserve confidentiality).

I’m DBS checked and plenty of teaching experience under my belt. I may be the right person to help your child to sleep in peace, once more.

I practise in London, Oxford, Reading, Wallingford and Thame If you’d like to help your child to sleep in peace tthen give me a call.You could call me on 07786 123736 / 01865 600970 / 01183 280284, email me at paul@resolvedhypnotherapy.co.uk or use the contact format the bottom of the page.