Chronic pain is destructive. If it’s affecting the ability of your child to enjoy life then perhaps there is a solution

Everybody expects the elderly to be suffering from a degree of pain. Arthritis, rheumatism and a whole host of complaints can render our senior years an uncomfortable phase of life. Chronic pain in children, however, has a real air of injustice about it. Nobody expects themselves or their children to be afflicted by a chronic pain condition. Other children can get on with their lives and so why is it me, why is it my child who is suffering?

If you’re here to find an answer for someone you love then I’m sorry. However, pain isn’t something you simply have to put up with and endure. There is something to be done. I have helped people in Oxford, Reading and in all surrounding areas to come to terms with their pain in such a way as to reduce its impact upon their lives. Indeed, it can sometimes be dispensed with altogether.

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People believe pain is a physical thing. We hurt ourselves and so we feel pain. It’s simple…

chronic pain and hypnotherapy

Pain is as much an emotional experience as it is a physical sensation. It brings with it anger, depression, anxiety and a powerful sense of loss. It is an injustice, particularly when it comes to children. 

The bad news is that all of these emotional responses render the experience of pain worse. As we withdraw, in bitter sorrow, from life we have less to focus upon other than that feeling of pain. The less we do, the bigger pain begins to feel.

The more we respond to pain by hating it, bemoaning our bad luck and cursing fate, the worse the pain will feel.

I know full well that it’s easier said than done. However, it’s still true to say that those who can alter their emotional response to their pain will be the ones who find it easiest of all to let it go.

I teach my child and teenage clients to step back from the sensations. I teach my clients to divorce themselves from their sensations. I teach them to take an entirely new approach to the burning, aching, stabbing, gnawing and awful pain they feel.

Those who see me for pain control often feel as if this is too much of an ask, that it can’t be done. I’m not going to say it’s easy. I’ll just say that it can be done.

Others have found it can be done…

I have worked with teenagers suffering from chronic pain which shouldn’t have been there. Their doctors had said there was no cause for it to be there any longer.

However, the pain certainly was there, until one day they realised that they didn’t have to hold onto it any longer. They had held onto it because letting go would mean their doctors had been right, wouldn’t it? They had made it up, so others said, and so they held on.

I have worked with people injured in industrial accidents. One particular man (details changed) lost his job as a consequence of his injury and the sense of injustice turned his pain into evidence of how awfully he had been treated. He had been treated awfully. Holding onto the pain, however, was too high a price and so he found a way, with my help, of letting it go.

Sometimes the pain is a result of a medical procedure gone badly wrong or another dreadful condition or accident. Sometimes the client isn’t unconsciously holding on. Sometimes they couldn’t let go even if they tried.

They could, however, still benefit from changing their response to the sensation. Why?

“It ain’t pain ’til it gets to the brain!”

pain in teenagersA former trainer and expert in pain, Ron Eslinger, once told me that. It’s true and scientific research supports the idea. What we call ‘pain’ is merely a signal until it reaches the brain and is interpreted. Then that signal is sent back to the relevant body part and is experienced as pain, agony or whatever the patient chooses to call it. 

The parts of the brain dealing with pain are known as the anterior insula and the anterior cingulate cortex.

The interesting thing is that these parts of the brain deal with both physical and emotional pain. The two are treated the same, which is why we can feel a physical sting from rejection, the pain of  broken heart and so on.

If we interpret a physical sensation with emotional overtones then we simply focus more negative attention on the pain. It feels worse. What we focus upon becomes bigger. What triggers us emotionally will be focused upon more closely.

So, if we are depressed, anxious and angry because of our pain we are actually making that pain worse! Therapy could help your son or daughter to reverse this pattern, taking control back from anxiety and depression, changing our response to sensations in the body and leaving pain more easy to deal with. 

Wouldn’t that be nice!?

The Research shows that hypnotherapy is effective in the treatment of pain

Don’t just have to take my word for it. There’s plenty of evidence which shows that hypnosis is an effective analgaesic under controlled and clinical conditions.

This paper discusses several studies which demonstrate a significant reduction in the experience of pain for people experiencing lower back pain, pain acquired due to cancer, arthritis, sickle cell disease, temporomandibular degeneration and more besides.

This article cites studies which demonstrate that hypnosis can prove superior to standard approaches in the treatment of pain. It explains that the majority of patients undergoing regular hypnosis for pain control experience a ‘significant’ reduction in the incidence of pain.

The Mayo Clinic is rightly famous for using half the anaesthetics used by other hospitals. Hypnosis fills the gap.

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