Emetophobia can wreck lives. Don’t let it get out of hand. Let’s get your life back under control!

Hello. If you’re here because emetophobia is affecting your son or daughter’s life then I’m sorry. I have worked with it quite a number of times and so do understand the havoc it can wreak in a person’s life. 

The whole family can be affected as the phobia restricts trips, school attendance and even life within the home. I’m sorry that you’re now being affected by it too and hope to be the therapist who helps you to be free of its effects.

Emetophobia can destroy the whole family’s quality of life

Emetophobia has a great deal in common with OCD as the sufferer restricts their lives and develops compulsions and rituals through which to diminish their chances of becoming ill, being sick or avoiding other people and their germs.

Emetophobia can develop and combine with other forms of anxiety such as agoraphobia, contamination-based forms of OCD and a generalised form of fear. It is often the force behind school refusal and can be a complex phobia to unwind.

The good news is that I have helped a good number of people to overcome their fear of vomit, germs and being ill. If your family lives in or near Oxford or Reading then perhaps I could help you too.

I also offer counselling and psychotherapy for emetophobia online, using vsee, whatsapp, zoom. Please get in touch for details.

How does emetophobia develop?

emetophobia counsellingThere are many ways of developing the fear of being sick. The most common causes surround either the sufferer becoming ill at a young age or an illness in somebody close to them.

Young children depend entirely on their carers and seeing one of them become seriously ill can convince them that life is fragile. The fear remains attached to the concept of illness, even when the parent, sibling or grandparent is better (or long since passed on). Anxiety is seeking to protect them from a similar fate and so the phobia is born and maintained.

Over-protective parents who insist on excessively high levels of hygiene can also cause the development of emetophobia. Telling your child that they must wash their hands before eating or else X, Y or Z will happen can be enough to give birth to this problem. Children trust their parents and look to them for signs of what is safe and what is a danger. 

Sometimes this phobia can be handed down through the generations. Many of the people I see for emetophobia have parents who themselves suffered from contamination-based forms of OCD or other anxiety disorders.

A child’s imagination is a very powerful thing indeed. Perhaps your son or daughter could learn to use their imagination to escape from emetophobia almost as easily as their imagination caused them  to develop the condition.

Counselling, psychotherapy, mindfulness and hypnotherapy can combine to provide a potent recipe for recovery.

These things can be unlearned

fear of illness hypnosisEmetophobia, as I explained above, is often a more complex and deep-seated phobia than many, having many contributory threads and spin-off fears and conditions.  School-refusal can be a complicated symptom which takes time and patience, together with diplomatic communication with the school, to unwind.

It can also, at times, involve working with other parts of the family if the sufferer’s relationship with parents or siblings has become intertwined with the problem.

Nonetheless, anybody who is determined to be free of emetophobia can learn to let it go. 

If you live in or around Reading or Oxford then please do get in touch with me. I’d be glad to talk with you and to explain how I might go about working with your son or daughter.

I’ll work to help your child to be free of emetophobia as quickly as possible

claustrophobia childrenMany people ask me how many sessions it will take to have their child free themselves from the fear of being ill, the fear of vomit and to get back to living their old life once more.

I’m sorry to say that there’s never a good answer to this question. The only honest answer is that ‘it will take as long as it takes’. This is because your child, their problems and your family are all unique. Your child and their situation is the variable.

I can only promise to work as fast as possible in helping your child to free themselves from their phobia as quickly as is humanly possible. I do appreciate how important it is to get things back to normal as soon as can be. 

If your child has simply had enough. If they are willing to engage with me and with therapy, get in touch. We’ll discuss how to get things moving in a positive direction once again.

What’s the next step?

You could call me on 07786 123736, 01183 280284, 01865600970 or email me at paul@resolvedcounsellingforchildren.com. Alternatively you could just email me using the contact form in the footer of this page.

Best wishes

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